Calling all writers. Let's grow this garden together.


Hello Fellow Word Gardeners,

My name is Sue Rice. I would enjoy getting to know you better as this website grows and blooms with thoughts and ideas that hopefully will blossom into a proverbial garden  of words.  Whether you like dandelions or roses, I hope you will find  something on this site that will help you to plant your own garden. We're not all lovers of neat uniform spaces where everything is cultivated to reflect an orderly existence. And that's a good thing. Without imagination we wouldn't have super heroes or zom com.  

What are some of the reasons why people write?  Is it to unclutter the mind?  Could it be that we just want to know what we think about a certain subject and so we have this conversation with ourselves and commit it to paper and pen (uh, computer)? Do we write to make sense of things? To explain our point of view?  Maybe it's to memorialize our thoughts so that when we lose them in a moment of time, they are there for the ages in a written form.  I would love to know why you write.

Maybe together we can find some way to help one another as we journey down the path of life. I enjoy writing  for seniors, inspirational fiction, self-help articles and meeting people with interests that are different than mine and will help me fill in the spaces that I've yet to explore.



Thanks for stopping by today!

Take your time. Feel free to look around. If you are a fellow writer, then I hope you will take a moment to drop me a line, especially if you see something in my blog writing that interests you, or you do any freelance writing and have a story about visiting with your grandmother that I can include in my upcoming book. Note: (This is a great way to become a published author yourself!)  

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