Calling all writers. Let's grow this garden together.


My Experiences


Can you believe it? I still have my Quill and Scroll pin from high school. It reminds me that my love of writing has existed for a long time.  My stories have appeared in Guidepost Magazine, Limitless, GRAND Magazine, Senior Outlook Today, Senior Living, and Travel Post Monthly.  I enjoy being a writer - short stories, essays, opinion pieces, blogging - it's all good!  I plan to share some of my writing in my blog, and encourage you to provide feedback. That way I can learn what kind of pieces are best-suited for this website.  Currently, I am working on a book that I think you're going to love. Look below to learn how you can partner with me on this book and become a published author at the same time.  

Planting the Seeds


Every good story starts with an idea that is planted in your mind ...    

If that idea takes root, then the next thing you know it's poking your brain all the time to call you back to it. When you add some love and tender care. the next thing you know it's come to life and you've got a story to share!

Let's Make This a Community Garden


I am writing a book about peoples' memories of visits with their grandmothers. When you think of  your grandmother, what three words come to mind when you conjure up her image?  Was she loving, stoic, cranky, kind, funny?  Here is an easy way for you to become a published writer!  Won't you share your story with me about how you remember your grandmother? Your submission can be as long or as short as it needs to be to tell your story. Thank you in advance for helping me to grow this book. Please send your comments, questions  and your story about your grandmother to me at